About Us


Luis and Clara Gac-Tapia graduated from the University of Chile with a
degree in Art and Architecture. They share a spacious studio built in their home. They
have been working with ceramics for over 30 years. Luis and Clara
studied painting and ceramics in Chile, Argentina, and in the United
States. In 1982 Clara began working exclusively in porcelain. Clara
began by making small brouches and other pieces of jewelry. Every
design had luscious colors, glazes, and fine china paints. Clara
continues to work in porcelain making figurines and flowers. Luis also
works with ceramics and color pencil drawings. Luis has participated
in numerous art shows including the Laguna Art-A-Fair. They have both
received several awards, in ceramics, charcoal and color pencils, in contests
throughout Cypress (best of the show and others), Lakewood (Judge’s Award 2014, 2nd place 2015), Mission Viejo, and Rancho Cucamonga.